Water damage: A guide to prevention and effective management

Welcome to the blog of Hochheiden Hausverwaltung, your experienced partner for property management. Water damage can have a considerable impact on the fabric of a building and is often associated with high repair and restoration costs. This makes it all the more important to take preventative measures and act quickly and efficiently in the event of water damage. In this article, we would like to give you valuable tips on how you can prevent water damage and react correctly in the event of damage.

Prevention of water damage

  • Regular maintenance: Regularly check the water pipes, fittings and connections for leaks and wear. Early detection and repair of small leaks can prevent major damage

  • Installation of water detectors: Water detectors can provide early warning of leaking water, helping to ensure that action can be taken quickly

  • Professional installation: Ensure that plumbing installations and appliances that use water are installed and maintained by professionals

  • Information and training: Inform all occupants and users of the building about what to do in the event of water damage

Measures in the event of water damage

  1. Immediate action: Switch off the main water supply immediately to prevent further water leaks

  2. Damage documentation: Document the damage comprehensively with photos and a detailed description. This is important for the subsequent settlement with the insurance company

  3. Professional help: Consult experts immediately to assess the extent of the damage and begin the necessary restoration measures

  4. Communication with the insurance company: Report the damage to your building or household contents insurance as soon as possible. Have all relevant information and documents ready

  5. Dealing with the insurance company Knowledge of the insurance policy: Make sure you know exactly what damage is covered by your insurance and what documents are required for the claim report

  6. Report damage quickly: Most insurance companies require claims to be reported immediately. Delays can affect the settlement

  7. Detailed documentation: Thorough documentation of the damage and the cause of the damage supports the claims settlement process


Water damage can have serious consequences for the building fabric and the quality of living. However, preventative measures and quick, coordinated action in the event of damage can minimise the negative effects. Hochheiden Hausverwaltung is happy to support you in preventing water damage and offers professional assistance in the event of damage in order to restore your property to its original condition as quickly as possible.

Do you have questions about water damage or do you need support with damage prevention? Contact us - we are here to support you with our expertise and experience.