Voting Principles in the Property Owners' Community: Guide for Effective Decision Making

Welcome to the Hochheiden Property Management blog, your reliable partner for property management in Berlin. In every property owners' community, voting is an essential element to make collective decisions and effectively manage shared property. The way in which votes are conducted is based on various principles aimed at ensuring fair treatment of each owner and the proper functioning of the community as a whole. In this post, we will explain the fundamental voting principles and their significance for the property owners' community.

Basic Voting Principles

The voting principles within a property owners' community are established in the Condominium Act (WEG) and essentially encompass three areas:

  • Head Principle: Each owner, regardless of the size of their ownership share, has one vote. This principle is primarily applied to decisions concerning communal living and community regulations.

  • Object Principle (also known as Co-ownership Share Principle): The number of votes for an owner is determined by the size of their co-ownership share. This principle is often applied to financial decisions, such as approving the financial plan.Special Use Right Principle: Owners with special use rights (e.g., for a garden or parking space) can vote separately on matters concerning this right.

The Significance of Voting Principles

Voting principles serve to enable balanced and fair decision-making within the property owners' community. They reflect the democratic understanding that every vote counts while also considering the diverse interests and investments of owners in the communal property.

Effective Application of Voting Principles

  • Transparency and Preparation: A clear agenda and comprehensive information on voting items help owners prepare for the meeting and make informed decisions.

  • Fair Discussion: Before voting, each owner should have the opportunity to express their opinion and ask questions. An open and respectful discussion culture promotes understanding and acceptance of the decisions made.

  • Documentation: The results of the votes should be accurately documented and made accessible to all owners. This ensures transparency and accountability.

Challenges and Solutions

In practice, voting in the property owners' community can be challenging, especially when there are disagreements or divergent interests among owners. Solutions may include involving a neutral mediator early on, forming working groups on specific topics, or engaging external experts for technical matters.


Voting principles in the property owners' community are a fundamental aspect of communal decision-making. They ensure fair consideration of all interests and contribute to effective and harmonious management of communal property. At Hochheiden Property Management, we understand the complexity of these processes and are here to assist you with our expertise in facilitating smooth and transparent voting in your property owners' community.

Do you have questions about voting principles? Contact us – we are here to assist you with advice and support.