Urban Gardening and Green Projects in Berlin: A Guide to Sustainable City Living

Welcome to Hochheiden property management! Today we are delving into the fascinating world of urban gardening and green projects in Berlin. Our city is known for its vibrant culture and innovative approaches to sustainability. In this article, we discover how each of us can contribute to a greener Berlin.

The magic of urban gardening

Urban gardening is more than just a trend - it's a movement. In Berlin, we find numerous community gardens that not only create green oases in the city but also serve as places of social cohesion.

Example project: Prinzessinnengärten

At Moritzplatz in Kreuzberg, the Prinzessinnengarten offers an inspiring environment for urban gardening. Here, everyone can participate and learn how to grow vegetables and herbs in the city.

Roof greening: Green above the clouds

Roof greening is another step towards a green metropolis. It not only provides a retreat from urban hustle and bustle but also improves the microclimate and contributes to biodiversity.

Example project: Klunkerkranich

On the roof of a Neukölln shopping center lies Klunkerkranich - a creative space that combines stunning views with urban gardening.

Other ecological initiatives

Berlin is full of innovative projects that show how we can reduce our ecological footprint. From sustainable housing projects to waste reduction initiatives, the city is a pioneer in environmental protection.

Example project: The Mauergarten project

A community garden has been created on the wall in the Wedding neighbourhood, which is a living example of the reuse of wasteland.

Tips for your own urban gardening project

  • Start small: A few pots on the balcony or a small bed on the roof can be the start.

  • Utilise local resources: Many community gardens offer workshops and advice.

  • Participate in the community: Urban gardening goes beyond planting; it's about building a community.


Urban gardening and green projects are essential components of a sustainable lifestyle in Berlin. They not only contribute to the beauty of our city, but also promote a sense of community and awareness of the environment.

We at Hochheiden Property Management are proud to be part of this green movement and encourage everyone to join us. Explore the opportunities and become part of the green revolution in Berlin!