Traffic safety obligations: An essential guide for property owners

Welcome to the blog of Hochheiden Hausverwaltung, your competent partner for all aspects of property management. One topic that is of the utmost importance for every property owner and is often underestimated is the duty of care. These obligations are enshrined in law and serve to protect people on the property. In this article, we explain exactly what road safety obligations mean, what areas they cover and how you as a property owner can ensure that you fulfil these obligations.

What are road safety obligations?

Traffic safety obligations refer to the legal obligation of land and property owners to take all necessary and reasonable measures to prevent damage to persons on their property. This means that paths, buildings and facilities must be secured in such a way that nobody is harmed. If an accident occurs due to neglect of these duties, the owners can be held liable.

Important areas of the duty to ensure public safety

  • Paths and accesses: All paths, stairs and entrances must be free of hazards. In winter, for example, this includes clearing snow and gritting in icy conditions.

  • Building: The building itself must be kept in a safe condition. This includes regular inspections of the building fabric, windows, doors and roof.

  • Playgrounds and green spaces: If available, playground equipment and green spaces must also be regularly maintained and checked for potential hazards.

  • Lighting: Adequate lighting of paths and access points is also part of the traffic safety obligation to ensure safety in the dark.

Implementation of traffic safety obligations

  • Regular checks: Carry out regular inspections of your property to identify and eliminate potential sources of danger.

  • Maintenance: Ensure continuous maintenance and servicing of all relevant areas and facilities.

  • Documentation: Document all maintenance work, repairs and checks carried out. This can serve as proof in the event of damage.

  • Involve specialists: If necessary, call in specialists to ensure that all technical installations meet the safety requirements.

  • Information and communication: Inform tenants and users of your property about important rules of behaviour and possible temporary sources of danger.

Why compliance with road safety obligations is so important

Careful observance of public safety obligations not only protects visitors and users of your property from accidents, but also protects you from possible legal consequences, including claims for damages. Proactive management of these obligations also helps to maintain the value of your property.


Public safety obligations are a central component of property management and require constant attention. At Hochheiden Hausverwaltung, we understand the importance of these obligations and are happy to support you in fulfilling them responsibly and efficiently. Our aim is to create a safe and pleasant environment for everyone through professional management services.

Do you have questions about traffic safety obligations or do you need support with implementation? Contact us - we are here to help you!