The resolution collection: An important instrument for transparency and traceability in the homeowners' association.

Welcome to the blog of Hochheiden Property Management, your trusted partner for real estate management. In the management of condominium communities, the resolution collection plays a central role. It serves as an official document that records all resolutions adopted during the homeowners' association meetings, thus ensuring transparency and traceability. In this post, we aim to shed light on the importance of the resolution collection, illuminate its legal foundations, and demonstrate how it contributes to effective management.

What is a resolution collection?

The resolution collection is a chronological compilation of all resolutions adopted during condominium association meetings. It includes both the agenda items and the results of the votes, including any opposing votes or abstentions. The resolution collection is maintained and stored by the property manager. It serves as an official reference for the owners and as evidence in legal disputes.

Legal Foundations

The obligation to maintain a resolution collection is enshrined in the Condominium Act (WEG). According to § 24 WEG, all resolutions of the owners' association meetings must be recorded in the resolution collection. This is intended to increase transparency within the owners' community and provide each owner with the opportunity to understand the decisions made.

Importance of the Resolution Collection

  • Transparency and Traceability: The resolution collection allows all owners to inform themselves about the decisions made during the owners' meetings, even if they did not attend the meeting.

  • Legal Certainty: In case of discrepancies or legal disputes, the resolution collection serves as evidence and helps to establish the legitimacy of resolutions.

  • Documentation and Archiving: The resolution collection serves as a historical document, recording the development and decision-making within the owners' community over the years.

Access to the Resolution Collection

Every owner has the right to access the resolution collection. In practice, this is often facilitated by the property manager, who maintains the resolution collection and provides access to owners upon request. Some administrations also provide digital access to the resolution collection, further enhancing accessibility and transparency.

Tips for Effective Use of the Resolution Collection

  • Regular Review: Owners should regularly review the resolution collection to stay informed about the current developments and decisions in their owners' community.

  • Active Participation: Knowledge of past resolutions can help owners actively and informedly participate in future decision-making processes.

  • Communication with the Property Manager: If there are any questions or uncertainties regarding specific resolutions, owners should not hesitate to contact the property manager.


The resolution collection is an indispensable tool in the management of a condominium association. It promotes transparency, safeguards the rights of owners, and supports efficient management. Hochheiden Property Management places great emphasis on carefully maintaining and managing the resolution collection to ensure owners have a high level of transparency and accessibility at all times.

Do you have questions about the resolution collection or need assistance with managing your owners' community? Contact us – we are here to assist you with our experience and expertise.