The distribution plan: An indispensable document for every homeowners' association

Welcome to the Hochheiden Hausverwaltung blog, your competent contact for all questions relating to real estate management in Berlin. Today we would like to focus on a topic that is of great importance for every homeowners' association: the distribution plan. This document plays a crucial role in understanding and managing residential property. Below you will learn what a distribution plan is, what information it contains and why it is essential for owners.

What is a Distribution Plan?

The distribution plan, often also referred to as the division plan, is an essential part of the declaration of division and represents a graphic representation of the division of a building into individual residential units (special property) and common areas (common property). It is usually drawn up by an architect or surveyor and must be notarized to be legally valid.

Important contents of a distribution plan

  • Representation of the residential units: Each residential unit is recorded precisely in the layout plan, including its location in the building, the number of rooms and the area information.

  • Identification of special property: In addition to the living spaces, basement compartments, parking spaces or storage rooms can also be designated as special property.

  • Common property: Areas and rooms that are shared by all owners, such as the stairwell, elevator or garden, are clearly marked.

  • Numbering of the units: Each unit receives a unique number or designation, which is also listed in the declaration of division.

The importance of the division plan

  • Legal clarity: The division plan creates legal clarity about the affiliation and boundaries of separate property and common property. This is particularly important in the event of disputes or when carrying out maintenance and renovation measures.

  • Transparency when purchasing real estate: For potential buyers of a condominium, the layout plan provides an important source of information to understand the spatial layout and the exact size of the residential unit.

  • Basis for management: For property management, the distribution plan is an indispensable tool for managing the property efficiently and correctly assigning the rights and obligations of the owners.

Tips for owners and interested parties

  • Careful review: Take the time to review the distribution plan carefully and make sure all information is correct and complete.

  • Storage: Keep a copy of the division plan together with your declaration of division in a safe place. This document may be important in future questions or transactions.

  • Note updates: If there are structural changes to the building, an update to the layout plan may be necessary. Please stay informed of any such changes.


The distribution plan is a fundamental document for the clear and legally secure division of property within a community of owners. It serves as a basis for understanding ownership and is therefore indispensable for every owner. Hochheiden property management will be happy to support you with any questions you may have about the distribution plan and will provide you with expert advice.

Do you have questions about the distribution plan or do you need help managing your property? Contact us – we are here to professionally look after and manage your property.