The Appointment of a Manager: Key to Effective Management of Your Homeowners' Association

Welcome to the Hochheiden Property Management blog, your professional partner for real estate management. The selection of a suitable manager is one of the most important decisions that a homeowners' association must make. A good manager not only ensures the smooth operation of day-to-day affairs but also significantly contributes to the preservation and appreciation of the property's value. In this post, we aim to provide you with an overview of how to appoint a manager and offer important tips for the selection process.

Why is choosing the right manager so important?

The manager of a homeowners' association assumes a variety of tasks – from organizing and conducting homeowners' meetings to accounting and invoicing for common expenses, to supervising and implementing maintenance measures. A competent manager is therefore crucial for the financial and technical management of the common property.

Legal Foundations

The appointment and duties of the manager are regulated by the Condominium Act (WEG). Generally, the manager is appointed by resolution of the homeowners' meeting. The term of office as well as the precise duties and powers of the manager are usually stipulated in a management contract.

Steps to Appoint a Manager

  1. Preparation of the homeowners' meeting: The appointment of a manager is an agenda item at the homeowners' meeting. The meeting must be duly convened, with the item "Appointment of Manager" announced.

  2. Selection process: Before the meeting, a preselection of potential managers should be made. This can be done through a manager search committee, which obtains offers, checks references, and conducts preliminary discussions.

  3. Presentation and voting: The managers shortlisted can present their services at the meeting. Subsequently, the homeowners' association votes on the candidates.

  4. Contract conclusion: A management contract is concluded with the preferred manager, which regulates the rights and obligations of both parties.

Tips for Choosing a Manager

  • References and experience: Pay attention to the manager's experience and references, especially in dealing with similarly sized or structured homeowners' associations.

  • Transparency and communication: A good manager should value transparent communication and provide regular reports on management activities.

  • Scope of services: Examine precisely which services are included in the management fee and for which services additional costs may be incurred.

  • Personal impression: The personal impression and trust in the competence and integrity of the manager should play an important role in the decision.


The careful selection and appointment of a manager is crucial for the successful management and long-term success of your homeowners' association. Therefore, take sufficient time for the selection process and rely on transparency, experience, and trust. Hochheiden Property Management is happy to assist you in finding the appropriate management solution for your needs.

Are you looking for a professional manager for your homeowners' association? Contact us – we look forward to getting to know you and managing your property competently and reliably.