The Administrative Board: A Pillar in the Homeowners' Association

Welcome to the blog of Hochheiden Property Management, your reliable partner for property management in Berlin. Effective and harmonious management of residential communities requires not only a competent property manager but also the active participation of the homeowners themselves. This is where the Administrative Board plays a central role. In this article, we would like to introduce you to the functions, tasks, and significance of the Administrative Board.

What is the Administrative Board?

The Administrative Board is a committee composed of members of the homeowners' association and is typically elected by the homeowners' assembly. Its main task is to support and supervise the property manager's work and act as a liaison between the homeowners and the property manager.

Tasks and Functions of the Administrative Board

  • Supporting the Property Manager: The board works closely with the property manager to ensure smooth administration activities.

  • Control: An essential task is to oversee the annual accounts and the financial plan. The board reviews these documents before the homeowners' assembly and provides recommendations.

  • Mediating Function: As representatives of the homeowners' association, the board serves as a point of contact for the property manager regarding decisions affecting the community.

  • Participation in Decision-Making: The board often has an advisory role in decision-making during the homeowners' assembly and can contribute to shaping opinions.

The Significance of the Administrative Board for the Homeowners' Association

The Administrative Board significantly contributes to transparency and efficiency in managing the homeowners' association. Through its mediation and oversight activities, the board ensures that the interests of the homeowners are adequately represented and administrative decisions are critically examined. This strengthens trust in the management work and fosters a positive atmosphere within the community.

Tips for Successful Administrative Board Work

  • Regular Communication: The board should maintain open and regular communication with both the property manager and the homeowners.

  • Training: Members of the board should continuously educate themselves to competently fulfill their duties.

  • Neutrality and Objectivity: Board members should remain neutral in all activities and decisions, keeping the well-being of the entire community in mind.

  • Documentation: The board's work should be carefully documented to ensure transparency and make decisions understandable.


The Administrative Board is an indispensable part of the community, making a valuable contribution to the management and coexistence within the homeowners' association through its voluntary work. At Hochheiden Property Management, we recognize the importance of the board and work closely with it to achieve the best results for our clients.

If you are interested in further information or need support in your role as a board member, contact us – we are here to assist you and collectively optimize your property management.