Resolutions in the homeowners' assembly: Key to successful property management

Welcome to the blog of Hochheiden Property Management, your trusted partner for comprehensive property management in Berlin. One of the cornerstones of a well-functioning homeowners' association is the ability to make effective resolutions during the homeowners' assembly. These resolutions form the foundation for the management and development of communal property. In this article, we aim to provide you with insight into how resolutions are reached during the homeowners' assembly, the different types of resolutions, and their significance for property management.

What are resolutions in the homeowners' assembly?

Resolutions in the homeowners' assembly are decisions made by the members of the homeowners' association. They concern the management of communal property, the implementation of maintenance measures, changes to the house rules, the annual financial statement, the budget plan, and many other aspects of communal living and property management.

How are resolutions adopted?

Resolutions are adopted during the annual homeowners' assembly. Typically, a simple majority of the votes cast is required for adoption. However, there are also cases where a qualified majority or unanimity is necessary, such as for amendments to the declaration of division or for fundamental structural changes. Each owner has votes in proportion to their co-ownership share, and resolutions are recorded in minutes and are binding on all members of the community.

Types of resolutions

  1. Ordinary resolutions: These include the routine management of the property, such as approving the budget plan or appointing the property manager.

  2. Extraordinary resolutions: These concern extraordinary measures, such as major renovation projects or changes to the community regulations.

  3. Circulation resolutions: In certain cases, resolutions can also be adopted through circulation, i.e., without a meeting, provided that no owner objects to this procedure.

The importance of effective resolution-making

Effective resolution-making is crucial for the satisfaction of owners, the preservation of the property's value, and the smooth coexistence within the community. Clear, well-considered resolutions help to avoid conflicts, create transparency, and strengthen trust in the property management. They enable timely responses to changes in the legal and economic environment and make the property future-proof.

Tips for successful resolution-making

  • Preparation: Thorough preparation and the timely provision of documents to owners enhance the efficiency of the assembly.

  • Communication: Open and clear communication before, during, and after the assembly promotes understanding and acceptance of resolutions.

  • Expertise: Consult experts for complex issues to make informed decisions.

  • Documentation: Accurate documentation of resolutions is essential for traceability and legal certainty.


Resolutions in the homeowners' assembly are a central tool of property management. They enable owners to actively participate in the design and management of their property. At Hochheiden Property Management, we place great importance on transparent and efficient resolution-making to achieve the best possible results for our clients and their properties.

Do you have questions about resolution-making in your homeowners' association or need assistance with organizing and conducting your homeowners' assembly? Contact us – we are here to assist you with our expertise and experience.