Rent reduction: rights and obligations of tenants and landlords

Welcome to the blog of Hochheiden Hausverwaltung, your reliable partner for property management. One topic that regularly causes discussions between tenants and landlords is rent reduction. This is an important legal instrument that allows tenants to reduce their rent under certain conditions. In this article, we would like to give you an overview of the basics of rent reduction, including the rights and obligations of both parties.

What is a rent reduction?

A rent reduction is the tenant's right to reduce the rent payment if the rented property has significant defects that limit or eliminate its suitability for use. The amount of the reduction depends on the extent of the impairment. It is important to know that the right to reduce the rent is automatic and does not have to be approved by the landlord.

Requirements for a rent reduction

  • Existence of a defect: There must be an objective defect that significantly reduces the suitability of the rented property for use in accordance with the contract.

  • Immediate notification of the defect: The tenant is obliged to report the defect to the landlord without delay.

  • No self-inflicted fault: The rent reduction is excluded if the tenant caused the defect himself or if he was aware of the defect when the contract was concluded.

Common reasons for a rent reduction

  • Mold formation

  • Heating failure in the cold season

  • Noise pollution due to building work

  • Water damage

  • Defective windows or doors

Obligations of the tenant

  • Notification of defects: The tenant must report the defect as early as possible and give the landlord the opportunity to rectify the defect.

  • Documentation: It is advisable to document the defect and the notice of defect in order to be able to provide evidence in the event of a dispute.

  • Reasonable rent reduction: The reduction must be in reasonable proportion to the extent of the impairment.

Obligations of the landlord

  • Removal of defects: The landlord is obliged to rectify the reported defect within a reasonable period of time.

    No termination due to rent reduction: A tenant who exercises their right to reduce the rent may not be terminated for this reason.

Communication is the key

In many cases, disputes about a rent reduction can be avoided or resolved through open and objective communication between tenant and landlord. A constructive dialog helps to clear up misunderstandings and find a solution together.


Rent reduction is an important right for tenants, but it comes with responsibilities. Both tenants and landlords should be aware of their rights and obligations and work towards a quick and fair solution in the event of defects. At Hochheiden Property Management, we place great importance on transparent and efficient communication between all parties to ensure customer satisfaction.

Do you have questions about rent reduction or do you need support in clarifying defects in your rental property? Contact us - we will support you with our expertise to find a satisfactory solution for all parties involved.