Regular and Extraordinary Homeowners' Meetings: A Guide for Owners

In this blog post, we, from Hochheiden Property Management, want to delve into a central element in the life of a homeowner association: the homeowners' meetings. These gatherings serve as crucial forums for decision-making and information exchange. We distinguish between regular and extraordinary homeowners' meetings, and in this article, we aim to shed light on both forms.

Regular Homeowners' Meeting

The regular homeowners' meeting is a recurring event, typically held once a year.

Purpose and Contents

  • Annual Financial Statement and Budget: One of the main topics is the presentation and approval of the annual financial statement as well as the presentation of the budget for the upcoming year.

  • Election of the Administrative Board: If necessary, the election of the administrative board takes place.

  • Other Topics: Additional points may include maintenance of common property, planned modernization measures, and similar matters.

Your Participation

As an owner, you are entitled and encouraged to participate in the regular homeowners' meeting. Your vote is crucial for decision-making.

Extraordinary Homeowners' Meeting

An extraordinary homeowners' meeting is convened when urgent and important matters arise that cannot wait until the next regular meeting.

Reasons for Convening

  • Urgent Repairs: In the case of suddenly necessary repairs or maintenance measures.

  • Legal Matters: In cases of urgent legal questions or issues.

  • Important Decisions: For decisions that cannot be postponed due to time constraints.

Procedure and Special Features

  • Convocation: The meeting must be convened by the administration or a sufficient number of owners.

  • Shorter Notice Periods: Unlike the regular meeting, shorter notice periods are often possible here.

Your Rights and Responsibilities

As part of the homeowner association, you have the right to participate in all homeowners' meetings, to contribute, and to vote. At the same time, you bear the responsibility to actively contribute to the community and the well-being of the residential complex through your participation and your vote.


Both regular and extraordinary homeowners' meetings are fundamental components of the self-administration of a homeowner association. Your active participation is crucial for effective management and the positive development of your residential complex. For questions regarding homeowners' meetings, we, as your property management, are available at any time.