Property Tax: An Essential Aspect of Property Management

Welcome to the Hochheiden Property Management blog, your trustworthy partner in property management. Property tax is a significant financial obligation for property owners and plays a crucial role in property management. In this post, we aim to provide you with an overview of property tax, explain how it is calculated, and discuss factors that can influence it. Additionally, we offer useful tips for owners to effectively manage this tax burden.

What is Property Tax?

Property tax is a tax levied on the ownership of land and real estate properties. It is determined by municipalities and paid annually by property owners. Revenues from property tax serve as a significant funding source for public services and infrastructure projects in communities.

Calculation of Property Tax

The calculation of property tax is based on two essential components: the assessed value of the property and the millage rate set by the respective municipality.

  1. Assessed Value: This value is determined by the tax authority and is intended to reflect the value of the property. The methodology and assessment may vary depending on the state.

  2. Millage Rate: This is a percentage set by each municipality and applied to the assessed value to calculate the property tax owed.

Factors Influencing Property Tax

  • Location of the Property: The municipality in which a property is located plays a significant role as the millage rate varies locally.

  • Type of Property: Residential properties, commercial properties, and undeveloped land may be subject to different assessment rules.

  • Legislative Changes: Reforms and changes in property tax legislation can influence assessments and, consequently, the amount of property tax owed.

Tips for Property Owners

  • Familiarize Yourself with Local Millage Rates: Since these rates can vary, it's important to know the current millage rate of your municipality to accurately assess your financial obligations.

  • Review Tax Assessments: Carefully review your property tax assessments and contact the relevant tax authority if you have any questions or find errors.

  • Consideration in Rent Calculation: If you own a rental property, consider property tax when calculating rental prices.


Property tax is an integral part of the financial obligations associated with property ownership. A comprehensive understanding of the calculation fundamentals and factors influencing tax amounts is essential for property owners to avoid surprises and effectively manage their properties. Hochheiden Property Management is here to assist you with all matters related to property tax and the efficient management of your properties.

Do you have questions about property tax or need professional assistance with property management? Contact us – we're here to support you with our expertise and experience.