Navigating the change of ownership: A guide to a seamless handover

Welcome to the blog of Hochheiden Hausverwaltung, your trusted partner for real estate management. The change of ownership of a property is a significant event that requires careful planning and coordination for both the seller and the buyer. In this article, we would like to provide you with a comprehensive guide to make the change of ownership process smooth and efficient.

Before the sale

1. preparation of the property:

  • A thorough valuation and possible upgrading of the property can significantly increase the sales value. Make sure that all necessary repairs are carried out and the property is prepared for viewings.

2. clarification of legal matters:

  • Check all legal documents, including the land register, to ensure that there are no unresolved matters that could affect the sales process.

During the sales process

1. selection of a broker:

  • An experienced real estate agent can make the sales process much easier by providing professional support to both sellers and buyers.

2. transparent communication:

  • Open communication with potential buyers and the property management company is crucial to avoid misunderstandings and speed up the sales process.

After the sale

1. handover of the documents:

  • Make sure that all relevant documents, including the title deed, maintenance records and warranty documents, are handed over to the new owner.

2. notification to the property management:

  • Inform the property management company about the change of ownership as early as possible. This makes it easier to update the owner data and seamlessly continue the management services.

3. handover of the keys:

  • The keys should be handed over at a recorded appointment at which the meter readings for water, electricity and gas are also noted.

The role of property management in the event of a change of ownership

The property management company plays a decisive role in the change of ownership by supporting both the seller and the buyer. The tasks of the management include

  • Updating the owner data: To ensure that all correspondence and statements are correctly addressed.

  • Advice on handover: The management can provide valuable advice on how to carry out the handover properly.

  • Continuation of management services: A seamless continuation of services is of great benefit to the new owner.

Tips for a smooth change of ownership

  • Early planning: Start the process as early as possible to allow enough time for all the necessary steps.

  • Professional support: Consult experts such as estate agents, notaries and the property management company for support.

  • Open communication: Keep all parties informed about the progress of the process.


A change of ownership is a complex process that requires careful preparation and coordination. However, with the right planning and support from experts, it can be ensured that the handover runs smoothly and efficiently. Hochheiden Property Management is an experienced partner at your side to professionally manage the change of ownership of your property.

Do you have any questions about the change of ownership or do you need support in managing your property in Berlin? Contact us - we are here to help you.