Duty to maintain the condominium: An essential guide for owners

Welcome to the blog of Hochheiden Hausverwaltung, your reliable partner for real estate management. An important topic that often raises questions is the maintenance obligation of the separate property within a condominium owners' association. This article serves as a guide to explain the obligations of owners with regard to the maintenance of their separate property and to offer valuable tips for effective management.

What is special ownership?

Special property refers to the parts of a property that are the exclusive property of a condominium owner and do not belong to the common property. Typically, this includes the rooms of the apartment itself, including the floor coverings, non-load-bearing interior walls, interior doors, windows and exterior apartment doors.

Duty to maintain the separate property

The obligation to maintain the condominium is generally the responsibility of the respective owner. This means that each owner is responsible for the maintenance, repair and, if necessary, replacement of the components of their separate property. This obligation is not only crucial for maintaining the value of your own property, but also contributes to the overall appearance and attractiveness of the residential complex.

Differentiation from the maintenance obligation of the common property

While the maintenance of separate property is the responsibility of the individual owner, the maintenance of common property, such as the roof, façade, stairwell or technical installations, is the responsibility of the community of owners. The costs for this are allocated to all owners according to the co-ownership shares.

Important aspects of the maintenance obligation

  • Carrying out repairs: The scope and type of repairs required should be identified at an early stage and carried out professionally in order to avoid major damage and the associated higher costs

  • Commissioning specialist companies: Qualified specialist companies should always be commissioned for repair and maintenance work to ensure proper execution.

  • Communication with the management: In the case of measures that could also affect the common property or result in a visual change to the system, coordination with the management or the owners' association is required.

  • Regular maintenance: Regular maintenance work, such as checking the heating system or water installations, contributes to the longevity of the technical equipment.


Careful maintenance of the condominium is an essential obligation of every owner and serves to preserve and increase the value of the entire property. Compliance with these obligations and good cooperation with the management and other owners can create and maintain a harmonious living environment. Hochheiden Property Management will be happy to provide you with advice and assistance to professionally support the maintenance of your condominium.

Do you have any questions about maintenance obligations or do you need support in managing your property? Contact us - we are here to assist you with our expertise and experience to ensure optimal management of your property.