Accessibility in residential and commercial units: An important step towards inclusion.

Welcome to the Hochheiden Property Management blog! Today, we would like to shed light on a topic that is of great importance to all of us: accessibility in residential and commercial units. In a world that promotes diversity and inclusion, it is essential that properties are accessible and usable for everyone, regardless of physical limitations.

What does accessibility mean?

Accessibility means that buildings and facilities are designed to be used by everyone, including people with disabilities, without assistance. This includes aspects such as access, mobility within buildings, and the use of all facilities.

Accessibility in Residential Units

In residential buildings, accessibility is crucial to enable independent living. This includes:

  • Threshold-free entrances: Access to buildings and apartments should be designed without steps or thresholds.

  • Wide doors and corridors: Sufficient widths allow easy use with wheelchairs or mobility aids.

  • Accessible bathrooms: Grab bars, accessible sinks, and curbless showers are examples of bathroom modifications.

  • Elevators: In multi-story buildings, elevators are essential for barrier-free access to higher floors.

Accessibility in Commercial Units

For shops, offices, and other commercial units, accessibility is equally important:

  • Entrance areas: Automatic doors and ramps facilitate access.

  • Workplace design: Height-adjustable desks and sufficient freedom of movement are important.

  • Accessible toilets: Commercial units should be equipped with toilets accessible to wheelchair users.

Legal Requirements and Funding

In Germany, there are various legal requirements regarding accessibility. In addition, there are funding programs that support the renovation of existing buildings to make them accessible.


Accessibility is a crucial factor for inclusion and equality in our society. As Hochheiden Hausverwaltung, we are committed to understanding and implementing the importance of accessibility in our residential and commercial units. We strive to do our part to ensure that every person, regardless of physical limitations, can lead an independent life.